Band of the month #15

Band of the month #15
#15 - December 2019: Adversarius

On this page wants to give some attention to Dutch bands worthy of being in the spotlight.

Noise from Rotterdam this time. Symphonic Black with loads of keyboards and acoustic guitar solo's. If you like that, by all means keeping looking elsewhere, because that's not what Adversarius are offering. This foursome delivers nice rugged Black Metal without nonsense.

The catalog of this party knows only 2 titles. De band's inception was in 2015 and brought us the demo Die with your prophet in 2017. In 2018 they added an EP, Across the Ageless Waters.

The 11 minute demo features 3 songs, none of which reach the 5 minute mark. Though the grand prize for originality will probably pass by them, Adversarius knows how to produce some proper Black. A good mix of melody and aggression without too many low-tempo interruptions and with lovely grim vocals that'll make your mother-in-law shake her head... (Who cares?...)

On the EP you can count 5 songs. The band members just have to play 3 to 5 minutes before they can take a sip of their beer. The last song, Torture my flesh, seems appropriately titled, because they have to wait a whole 7 minutes before they can lubricate their throats again. Where the sound production of the demo seemed a little flat (I put the bass of my speakers on max) the sounds on the EP are certainly a lot more appetizing.

An ideally suited party band if you're into Black. Nice tempo without unnecessary frills to distract people from their headbanging and moshpit activities. Complete with corpse paint, blood, skulls, leather, bullet belts and several expressions of being not-very-christian.

Uncle Satan is satisfied.

You shouldn't talk too much about some bands, so below is the opportunity to listen to this Black piece of Metal.

The whole demo Die with your prophet (2017):

Title track from Across the Ageless Waters (2018):

Live compilation:

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